Respite Care

Who They Are

Skilled paraprofessionals who must meet a standard of education and training or experience providing care for individuals with autism. Respite Care services include supervision and assistance with daily living activities due to absence or need for relief for family members and guardians who usually care for the child or young adult.

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We are passionate about helping families thrive and grow in any way that we can. 

Our Respite Care Process

CLCA will provide in-home respite care for the family. Respite services can be provided in the child’s home or a community setting.

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How Can We Help?

Below is a list of our provider offerings. As you explore the options for the best service provider fit for your family, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to address your specific family needs.

Therapeutic Integrations

We offer seasonal camps that run during school breaks, Saturday TI programs and aftercare programs. 

Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS)

1:1 technicians work to implement treatment plan goals with your family.

Family Consulting

These dedicated professionals will support families in developing and implementing comprehensive treatments.

Adult Life Planning (ALP) Services

Expert guidance for the transitioning youth preparing for life as an adult.

Self-Directed Services

CLCA is a vendor for SDS services, personal supports, community development services and respite care.

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Changing Lives Of Children With Autism

Join Our CLCA Team

If you share our CLCA mission and our commitment to families with children and young adults with autism and developmental disabilities, we’d like to hear from you. Please review services pages to understand additional qualifications we seek in CLCA staff. 

All applicants must be 18+ years of age and are responsible for their own transportation to and from
a family’s home or community, as needed, for the client’s treatment plan.